How to Post to a Forum

Follow the helpful tips below to learn how to upload an assignment in Moodle. Follow each step closely to help you minimize any potential technical problems you may have while uploading your assignment to Moodle.

Step 1

Forum icon with green and blue text bubbles

Navigate to the forum in your course. Forums  have an icon of two colorful text bubbles.

Step 2

Add a new discussion topic text on a button

Read your forum instructions closely. Scroll down and click the Add a new discussion button.

Step 3

Subject and Message text boxes

Type a subject for the post. Keep the subject descriptive and brief. In the message box, type your response following the instructions your instructor provided you. Then, post the message.

Step 4

Forum thread shown with the discussion and created by headers.


Once posted, the message appears in the forum as thread with your subject title as a link to your message along with your name and image (if uploaded).

Step 5

Edit Delete and Reply shown

To reply to a post or edit your own post, use the links at the bottom of your post. You may Edit or Delete (for a limited time after posting), and Reply to own post. To reply to another student’s post, click on the subject of the post in the main forum area. Next, read the post, then click Reply in the bottom right corner of the post.


Congratulations! You posted and replied to a forum.