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High School Equivalency Commencement at Sandhills

The McNeill-Woodward Green in front of the Katharine L. Boyd Library was the location for the Sandhills Community College High School Equivalency Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 15. According to Anna Harrington, coordinator for the event, over 90 students completed the requirements for this achievement.

Maria Campbell, director of the College and Career Readiness Program, presided over the ceremony with Ph.D. musical selections performed by Rod Brower. Guest speaker for the occasion was Dr. Donna Thomas, assistant superintendent of Human Resources for Hoke County Schools.

Thomas spoke of the importance of “grit” as she told her story of beginning her educational journey at the same point as the graduates. Her story resonated with the graduates as she revealed her own experiences and how she used them to surpass her educational goals by acquiring her PhD and several other advanced degrees. “Whatever career or life path you take, do it with passion and perseverance, do it well, stay true to your faith, make a difference and stay focused on your future reality,” said Thomas.

Following the presentation of the diplomas, The Sam C. Petty and Hazel C. Petty General Educational Development (GED) Scholarship recipients, Britta Douglas and Andrew Nobre were recognized.

This award was established in 2011 by Fredericka Proveaux to celebrate the lives and memory of her brother and her mother. Proveaux’s mother, Hazel C. Petty, earned her GED at Sandhills Community College. Her brother, Sam C. Petty was also awarded his GED and was a community college graduate. The award celebrates a student’s achievement in earning his or her General Educational Development (GED) with distinction, defining this as the gateway to new beginnings, the path to a better life.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in pursuing High School Equivalency education at Sandhills Community College through College and Career Readiness, contact Karen DeCata at 910-695-3779 or

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