Health Information Technology Associate Degree Course Requirements, 2020

Associate in Applied Science – A45360
Credit Hours
Sandhills Community College Courses
ACA-115 Success & Study Skills (Substitute for ACA-111) 1
BIO-165 Anatomy & Physiology I (Substitute for BIO-168) 4
BIO-166 Anatomy & Physiology II (Substitute for BIO-169) 4
CIS-110 Introduction to Computers 3
ENG-111 Writing and Inquiry 3
ENG-112*** Writing/Research in the Disc 3
HUM 115*** Critical Thinking 3
MAT-143 Quantitative Literacy (or higher) 3-4
MED-121 Medical Term I 3
MED-122 Medical Term II 3
PSY-150 General Psychology 3
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit 33
Pitt Community College Courses
HSC-110** Orientation to Health Careers (fee required) 1
HIT-110 Fundamentals of HIM 3
HIT-112 Health Law & Ethics 3
HIT-114 Health Data Systems/Standards 3
HIT-124 Prof Practice Exp II 1
HIT-210 Healthcare Statistics 3
HIT-211 ICD Coding 4
HIT-214 CPT/Other Coding Systems 2
HIT-215 Reimbursement Methodologies 2
HIT-216 Quality Management 2
HIT-218 Management Principles in HIT 3
HIT-220 Health Informatics & EHRs 2
HIT-224 Prof Practice Experience IV 3
HIT-225 Healthcare Informatics 4
HIT-226 Principles of Disease 3
HIT-280 Professional Issues 2
OST-248* Diagnostic Coding 3

*OST-248: Effective Fall 2017, OST-248 will be a 3 credit hour course. Any student who has taken OST-248 as a 2 credit hour course will be required to repeat the course. Should be taken after acceptance into the program. Students should take designated section for HIT students.

**Course is encouraged but not required

***Approved substitutions for ENG-112 are COM-110, COM-120, COM-231 or ENG-114. Approved substitutions for HUM-115 are any ART, COM not taken as a substitute for ENG-112, DRA, ENG literature, MUS, PHI, or REL course.