GPA Calculation

To calculate your GPA, please use the following formula:

Total Grade Points / Total Earned Credits

Grade points are assigned according to the following system:

  • Grade A = 4 points
  • Grade B = 3 points
  • Grade C = 2 points
  • Grade D = 1 point
  • Grade F, FW, I = 0 points
  • DR and WP grades do not affect GPA

For example:

If you received an “A” for a course, multiply hours attempted x 4 = Grade Points)

  • To calculate your Term GPA, list all courses completed during a specific term.
  • To calculate your Program GPA, list all of the courses used in your program.
    Developmental courses should not be considered when calculating Program GPA. If you have repeated a course, only the best grade earned will count toward your Program GPA. Your Program GPA will be used for graduation eligibility and to determine if you may wear honor cords at the graduation ceremony.
  • To calculate your Cumulative GPA, list all coursework completed at SCC. (You can find your Cumulative Grade Points and Cumulative Credit Hours by viewing your transcript on WebAdvisor).
  • You may also enter grades you expect to earn to determine how your GPA may change at the end of a term.