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Fuel Your Creative Side this September

Craft, photograph, or dance into autumn with Sandhills Community College Creative Living classes. Beginning in September, twenty-two courses will begin. View and discuss British comedies, brush up on Shakespeare, learn French, or practice Tai Chi. No matter your curiosity, there will surely be a class of interest.

Arts, Crafts, and Hobbies

“Learn to Draw” is designed to gently immerse beginners into drawing and serve as a refresher course for artists who want to brush up on fundamentals. Develop and grow skills required while improving both technical and artistic understanding. Explore illustration, design, photography, and more. Topics include composition, subject matter, shading techniques, and perspective. Held Tuesdays, September 13-November 15 from 9-11 a.m., this class will cost $75.

In “Creative Card Making” students will learn how to create handmade cards in this new class for beginners, casual or avid crafters. Learn how to properly use inks, stamps, and papers. Become inspired with creative layouts, designer series paper, embellishments, and tools. Watercolor and textured embossing folders will be utilized. Learn various techniques as you make three to five cards each session. Held Wednesdays, September 14-October 19 from 3-5 p.m., this class will cost $75.

In “Beautiful Fall Vegetable Garden” students will learn to grow pretty fall vegetables arranged in a grow bag. Class will include the basics of arranging plants for a decorative look that will brighten any area during the winter months with the bonus of having fresh greens to add to winter meals. Included in the class fee: 10 gallon grow bag, soil, and plants to take home. Held Saturday, September 24 from 10 a.m.-Noon, this class will cost $75. An additional class will be offered on Monday, September 26 from 10 a.m.-Noon.

“Quilting for Beginners” will introduce students to the basics of quilting. Fabric and pattern selection, cutting, piecing, and sewing, quilting, and binding your own quilt will be taught. Various techniques and methods such as patchwork and paper piecing, applique, curves, and others will be demonstrated. Students can progress at their own pace. Students will need a working sewing machine, basic sewing supplies, thread, and fabric. Held Wednesdays, September 7-November 2 from 5:30-8:00 p.m., this class will cost $115.

“Contract Bridge for Beginner and Novice Students” will teach more detailed aspects of the game card game, Bridge which uses a standard 52-card deck. Held on Tuesdays, September 27-November 1 from 10 a.m.-Noon, this class will cost $60.


“Introduction to Line Dance” is for the absolute beginner. If you lack the confidence to dance at social events, this class is for you. You will learn basic steps and patterns to build your coordination and confidence on the dance floor. You will learn popular dances like the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Copperhead Road. After six weeks you will be ready for the Beginner + Line Dance class. Held on Mondays, September 12-October 17 from 5-6 p.m., this class will cost $75.

“Line Dancing – Beginner+” is for students interested in learning dance moves and building confidence on the dance floor. We’ll begin with the basics, and you’ll be kicking up your heels before you know it. Leave your inhibitions at the door, and join in. The latest in country music will move us through fun choreographed dances. After six weeks, you’ll feel fearless on the dance floor at any party/event. The prerequisite for this class is Introduction to Line Dancing or know the dances of Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and Copperhead Road. Held on Mondays, September 12-October 17 from 6-8 p.m., this class will cost $75.

“Line Dancing – Improver” is for students who have mastered basic steps, and now want to tackle more complex moves. This course is for non-beginner dancers. You’ll experience more counts, fun moves, and great music to move towards an improved foundation of dance. Held on Thursdays, September 8-October 13 from 6-8 p.m., this class will cost $75.

Yoga and Tai Chi

“Yoga – Slow Flow” is a vinyasa style at a slower pace than a typical vinyasa class, allowing the student more time integrate the pose. Yoga for strength and flexibility will be incorporated into the cool-down portion of class. Students need to be able to stand up from the floor unassisted. Required equipment: yoga mat. Held on Tuesdays, September 13-November 1 from 5:30-6:30 p.m., this class will cost $49.

In “Vinyasa Flow Yoga” students will build flexibility, strength, and balance in your body and mind and decrease unhealthy stress responses in everyday life. Grounding and centering techniques will be incorporated. Comprehensive instruction will help students find body alignment and meditative practice matching breath to movement. All levels are welcome. Please bring a yoga mat. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 7-November 21 from 9-10 a.m., this class will cost $147.

In “Tai Chi Basics” students will learn soft, slow, graceful movements to help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance. Tai Chi movements are approached in a mindful attitude and never forced; the muscles relaxed rather than tensed. There is no impact to aggravate joints and can be performed standing or even sitting making it the perfect activity to improve and maintain your physical function and quality of life. The class will use the Yang 24 form and various Qi Gong movements. No special equipment needed and dress comfortably. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 7-November 16 from 1-2 p.m., this class will cost $78.

In “Tai Chi Practice” students will improve and refine postures learned in Tai Chi Basics. Learn several Qi Gong exercises for enhanced stress reduction and improved wellness and practice the Beijing Form (working knowledge required). No special equipment needed and dress comfortably. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 7-November 16 from 2-3 p.m., this class will cost $78.

“Rejuvenation Tai Chi” is a stationary class designed for those who might not be able to participate in other forms of activity. Featuring slow, soft movement is designed to be performed seated or standing with an emphasis on improving balance and muscle tone. No special equipment needed and dress comfortably. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 7-November 16 from 4-5 p.m., this class will cost $78.


In “British Film Comedies from the 1960’s to the 1990’s” students will view and discuss British film comedies. British film comedy in the 1960s through the 1990s reflected the New Britain bursting with creativity, story innovation and reflective social comment. This series highlights the genius of directors Tony Richardson, Charles Crichton, Mike Newell, John Schlesinger; screenwriters John Osborne, Alan Bennett and John Cleese; and stars Julie Christie, Albert Finney and Maggie Smith. Held on Tuesdays, September 13-October 11 from 2-4:30 p.m., this class will cost $75. 


“Retirement Protection” will include the following topics: Investment and estate planning. Income tax reduction and insurance planning. Proper portfolio balance to reduce investment risk, getting more income from investments, reducing probate costs and long-term care planning. Held on Tuesdays, September 13-27 from 3-5 p.m., this class will cost $35.

Lecture Series

“Brush up Your Shakespeare” is for those familiar with Shakespeare’s most popular plays – but in need of theatrical refreshment – and those whose education was lacking of “tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything,” this course will express a glimpse of the passion the Bard brought to the stage, as a reflection of our need to understand ourselves and each other. What else could be more timely? “And thereby hangs a tale.” Held on Thursdays, September 8-October 13 from 10-11:30 a.m., this class is free. You will need to purchase the text.


“French Beginning Conversation” will provide students the foundation to asking and responding to simple questions using basic vocabulary. Engage in easy conversations and communicate in social, business, and travel situations. Students will study a variety of basic written materials and master writing simple sentences needed in everyday life. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 7-October 5 from 6-8 p.m., this class will cost $75 plus the cost of text.


In “Photo Editing Using Photoshop Elements 19-22 for Beginners” students will learn how to bring old photos back to life and organize and share them using Photoshop Elements 19-22. Learn to create catalogs and albums, import, and organize photos, perform basic editing, and use the Editor’s Quick and Guided modes. Learn the basics of using layers for combining and correcting photos and adding text and graphics. A flash drive 8GB or larger is recommended. Held on Mondays and Wednesdays, September 12-October 24 from 1-3 p.m., this class will cost $75.

“Take Fabulous iPhone Photos” will teach students how to take and edit photos, how to troubleshoot the most common issues and use the best photo apps available. The class will cover the principles of photography, the art of composition, how to find great lighting and advanced techniques. Classes will be online lectures, demonstrations, critiques and discussions. Photo walks to nearby places will also be part of the class, allowing students to apply lessons. Held on Tuesdays, September 13-November 8 from 9 a.m.-Noon, this class will cost $75.

Fall Semester

Continuing Education classes begin throughout the semester. New and returning students do not need to apply to the College, simply register for class.

An eight-week session of fall semester curriculum classes begins on October 12. Offered online and in hybrid class formats, classes take only eight weeks to complete and award full credits. For all information, go to

New students taking curriculum/college credit classes must apply before registering. Sandhills has an open-door policy which means all applicants are accepted. On, new students can find the application at the top right. Returning or current students can register by using Self-Service located on MySCC.

There will be an after-school Boys and Girls Club program at Sandhills from 2:30-6:30 pm for kindergarten through 5th grade, ideal for parents/guardians taking SCC classes. Homework and dinner will be included. The cost is $40 per child per year. In addition, there will also be a two-week pilot effort beginning on August 15 for a drop-in Club from 6-9 pm for children of parents/guardians taking evening classes at SCC. Dinner will be provided for the children. If the pilot proves successful, the partnership will be expanded into a fall program aligned with several SCC course offerings. For all information, go to

CCP Classes for High School Students

Local high school students can take classes at SCC when a junior and senior. Those successfully completing the required number of CCP credits qualify for the Sandhills Promise. This program offers two full years of classes immediately following high school graduation at no cost. For all information, go to:

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