Understanding SharePoint

SharePoint sites are used to share files and other important  information  with team members. You will have access to at least one SharePoint site.


Sandhills Intranet

Every employee has access to the Sandhills Intranet SharePoint site. Important forms and documents are store there.

Sandhills Intranet Group

Other SharePoint Sites

Some employees will have special SharePoint sites to share documents with colleagues.

Example of Sandhills Intranet Group - Program Review Group

Accessing SharePoint

SharePoint is accessed through our website.
Either through our website under the Tools drop down and Employee Email link (at the top right) or though the Faculty & Staff section. Once logged into O365, SharePoint will be available along with your Email and Microsoft Office apps.

Find Your SharePoint Sites

Upon the creation of a SharePoint site; you should receive an email inviting you to access the new site. If you do not receive an email, you can use the search feature to find the site by searching the sites name. Once a site is visited, it will display under the Frequent Sites section of the SharePoint landing page. The left menu will also display Followed, Recent and Featured sites and links.
The Sandhills Intranet site will always display under Featured Links.

Get a SharePoint Site

If you need a SharePoint site or to have your Shared Drive moved over to a SharePoint site please submit an IT Work Request ticket and select category ‘website’.