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Welcome to SCC Promotional Resources, where you will information about the Marketing & PR project request portal, on campus and external promo links, website information, and information about other services to promote your SCC announcement, program, service, or event.


Promotions and Project Request Portal

Please use the Marketing & PR online portal to request promotions of an SCC event, program, service, or Continuing Education class. Use of the portal allows your request to be prioritized, assigned, and monitored to completion in a timely manner.

The Department requires a minimum of two weeks to plan, schedule, and develop materials for an announcement, program, or event. Larger projects will require additional time (will be determined after submission).

Please use the following link:

You will then click the blue “Request Something” block.

On the next page, under “Category,” click “Submit a Request,” and the SCC Marketing/PR Graphic will appear on the right. Click that block, and it will take you to the request form.

After filling out the fields, use the SUBMIT button at top right. If you see any red bands below it, that means one of more of the required fields was not filled. You should also see a red notice at the top of the page.

You will receive an acknowledgement email shortly after submitting. If you do not, please alert us.


On-Campus Promos

WEB CALENDAR: Submit your request for inclusion on the calendar to:

Academic Dates & Deadlines: Jessica Locklear or Jean Blue
Community Events & Enrichment: Danaka Bunch, Ginny Ferguson or Tito Ward
Student Activities & Athletics: Dana Cuellar or Tito Ward
Workforce Continuing Education: Danaka Bunch or Amy Caliri

CAMPUS TVs:  Submit request for promotion of an event or service through the Promotions and Project Request Portal (instructions above).

MYSCC HOME PAGE: Scott Robinson creates and loads the panels on MySCC. Send all the pertinent information to

STUDENT E-MAIL: Dana Cuellur sends out an email every Monday morning to all curriculum students. To announce your event through that means, fill out the information prior to 5 pm on Wednesdays for the following Monday’s e-mail. It can be found under “Forms” at:


External Promotions

PRESS RELEASES: The Department of Marketing and Public Relations crafts press releases for SCC. Please request an event press release via the online portal.

PRINT MATERIAL: The Marketing Department can design cards, brochures, flyers and other promo items for departments or programs. Simply submit a request through the Promotions and Project Request Portal (instructions above).

MISCELLANEOUS: Billboards, print, digital, audio, and social media advertisements are generally for the college as a whole. With over 43 curriculum areas and hundreds of Continuing Ed classes each year, we are unable to submit individual program or class paid advertisements unless directed to do so by college administration.

PUBLIC EVENTS: If your event is open to the public, the event coordinator can submit requests that the event be listed on the free community calendars published by local media outlets.

The Pilot:


Sandhills Sentinel:

The Pines Times:

Moore Choices:


Social Media Posts

The main SCC social media accounts have much further reach over individual department or college service accounts. Please submit social media requests through the online portal.

To avoid overlapping event promotions and audience fatigue, promotion of an event typically won’t begin until a few weeks before the event date.


Department, Club, or Program Social Media Accounts

Maintaining a social media account is time intensive. It will likely require several hours of attention each week to be effective. A creative mix of graphics, photos, videos, and written posts are needed.

A full-time employee must maintain the account, whether this is a department, club, or program account. If a student is to post to the account, this employee must oversee the student to verify posts align with the College’s policies, procedures, and strategic plan. This person will take responsibility for the student’s actions on social media as the student will be representing SCC.

Once the account is created, log-in information and passwords will be given to the Marketing Department. This is so that the page can be deleted or assigned to another in the event the person responsible for the account can no longer maintain it. If an account is neglected, it will be retired.

To establish a department, club, or program social media account, please submit a social media site request form.


Website Updates

Please submit requests through the Website Request Online Portal.

How to Submit a Website Request

  1. Visit Service Now
  2. Click the blue “Request Something” box
  3. Click “Submit a Request”
  4. Click “Sandhills CC Website Request”
  5. Fill out and submit the request form



The Marketing Department creates video advertisements used for digital, social media, and YouTube ads.

The department creates or contracts for the production of program videos.

Chris Waldrop of the AV Department also produces videos (these are not used for Marketing but are usually for classroom/in-house use). He stores them on a separate YouTube channel which is not made public (due to the ADA closed captioning need).

The college cannot put on our YouTube channel any video that is not properly closed captioned due to ADA restrictions. YouTube will automatically close-caption videos, but oftentimes there are many mistakes. Do not share with the public any videos that have not had the closed captioning edited.


Photo Requests

The Marketing Department will attempt to attend and photograph special events on campus (attendance depends on the current workload and timing of event). We share photos on social media and often put them into a folder and share with those sponsoring the event. Send your request for photo coverage or for specific photos via the online portal.



The Marketing Department has been pleased with imprinted items from and We will happily assist you with college or departmental logo use on such.



College logos and Branding Guidelines are available here.


Email Signatures

To keep “on brand,” faculty and staff are asked to follow this method to set an email signature.


Lands End Store

You can order SCC imprinted clothing and items through Lands End. If you want a department logo or art you do not see available, please submit a project request through the portal.