Faculty Flight Tracker Badges

Passenger Badges: 10 pts.

This badge is awarded for showing up to events and being collegial.

  • Go to lunch with a colleague not in your department.
  • Visit another colleague’s class – in your department.
  • Visit with colleagues in the TLC Office for networking and refreshments.
  • Go to a sporting event (basketball, volleyball, golf, track, etc.)
  • Go to a concert, art exhibit, Pauley lecture, Diversity committee event, etc. sponsored by SCC.
  • Attend a staff council sponsored event.


Navigator Badges: 25 pts.

This badge is awarded for going beyond just showing up, but going outside of your department or participating in professional development activities.

  • Attend a TLC event and place your name on the sign-in sheet.
  • Attend a DL workshop and place your name on the sign-in sheet.
  • Visit another colleague’s class – not in your department.

Co-Pilot Badges: 50 pts.

This badge is awarded for not just participating in professional development activities but beginning to implement them in your courses or taking a leadership role in those activities.

  • Meet with the FACT Coordinator and completing a FACT experience for one course.
  • Completing the FACT visitation process for a colleague not in your department.
  • Using simple but valuable technology in the classroom.
  • Greet your students through video.
  • Lead a roundtable discussion with colleagues on a predetermined topic, article, TEDTalk, or issue, etc.
  • Attend a professional development conference.
  • Lead a book club session.
  • Implement an idea from a book club session.
  • Visit another colleague’s class, AND then got to lunch to explore opportunities for transferring ideas and techniques.
  • Visit and establish networking opportunity with another college to learn about their laboratories, TLCs, writing centers, career centers, or speaking labs, etc.

Pilot Badges: 100 pts.

This badge is awarded for showing extreme leadership or implementing advanced techniques or involvement in professional development.

  • Use advanced technology in the classroom and/or in an online course.
  • Make an online or hybrid Moodle course ADA compliant and receiving an ADA approval review.
  • Serve as a presenter, moderator, or judge at an academic or professional conference.