Emergency Medical Services

From initial certification to refresher courses, Sandhills Community College provides continuing education for the local medical community.

Our classes are in coordination with the Moore County EMS and are taught at a variety of locations throughout Moore County for both ALS and BLS providers.

For information about our Emergency Medical Science curriculum program, click here.

Class Offerings

Current Health & Medical Services Class Offerings


An EMT-Basic evening class is offered on the Pinehurst campus each fall and spring semester. Pre-registration is required. Registration must be completed by 5 pm 1st day of class.The class is the first night of the semester at 6 pm in 166 Causey Hall.

Other Classes

Medical responder, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic classes are scheduled upon request.


Sandhills Community College and Moore County have developed an effective procedure for recertification.

A scope of practice examinations and a review paperwork for the hours needed to recertify are held on the first consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of each month in 165 Causey Hall from 3 to 9 pm. Call for an appointment and to request your transcripts.

A review of your continuing education record will be made to determine if you have enough hours. If you do not, you will have until your expiration date to complete them.

We will help you prepare the paperwork that is to be sent off to the state. This will complete your scope of practice testing.

Please come within three months of when your certification expires. Doing so will help assure that you have completed all hours needed to recertify in advance of your expiration date.

Topics and hours needed to recertify through the Moore County EMS & Sandhills Community College:

Preparatory 4
Airway 6
Patient Assessment 10
Medical 10
Trauma 8
OB/Pediatrics 8
Miscellaneous 50


All classes are fee exempt if you are affiliated with an emergency service provider.


Denise Cameron
Director of Law Enforcement/EMS
121 Van Dusen Hall