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Questions and Answers relating to the project (June 16, 2020)

Q. What type toilet partitions are requested metal, plasticide, etc?
A. Plasticide or suitable similar material

Q. Corbin Russwin Locks to be cylindrical? not mortised correct?
A. Classroom function Mortise Locks keyway 59D2

Q. Von Duprin Panic Devices which model and function? Also which doors?
A. Panic Devices on exterior doors Von Duprin Push Pads model 22 series classroom function

Q. Please note type of hardware for each door? (Push Pull, passage, lockset, closures, etc?)
A. LCN Closers

Q. Page 2 only mentions grab bars do you need other toilet accessories? If so make and model? (Ex. Paper towel dispenser, Toilet Paper Holder, Soap Dispenser, etc
A. (Only the grab bars Owner will supply the rest)

Q. On Alternates Section IV 3. Wall mounted folding partition wall Type? Model?
A. (No specific model in mind. Functional and economical. Submit spec sheet with bid if possible)

Q. Alternates 4. Is this an Additional Hi/Lo Water Cooler?
A. (Add Hi/Lo water fountain unless one such unit is required by code. If not code required, don’t quote one on base bid)

Q. In the HVAC lab area, you are showing 4 locations for HVAC systems for training. What size of circuits do you need at these areas, both for the Air Handler units And heat pump units?
A. Max 30 amp 208/230v. Allowing for 1.5 ton and 5kw strip heat.

Q. What size of HVAC units will be installed for the building itself? I see where you Have 2 units for the building. If the building does change to a 4800 sq. ft. size, Will the units change size or add another unit?
A. HVAC contractor will need to run heat calculations and size units accordingly. If the building is upscaled in size add additional unit/s as necessary.

Q. I see where you locate the 2 heat pumps in the back, is this where you would want The electrical service come to? Do you want a N3R switchboard beside the C/T Cabinet with the 200a sub feed breakers for the inside panels. Alt. would be to add 2 – 200a breakers and panels in the HVAC lab area. I see where you want single phase, 120/240v service, assuming underground from the utility company. I also assume that you want panelboards not load centers.
A. Service entrance will be in the corner of the Plumbing and Construction Lab closest to Niagara-Carthage Road. Utility company will provide underground to the facility. Driving force behind the selection of switchgear is economy with functionality a close second.

Q. For the light fixtures in the classroom/lab areas, I see them as a LED strip light with lens. In the areas with lay in ceiling everything would be 2×4 flat panels.
A. Economics very important consideration. Envisioning flat panel throughout, if there is a more economical route propose it.

Q. Page 3 of the specs, section VI “submittals” has a couple of notes that I need to ask you about.
First, item B, speaks about a construction schedule. Is this a requirement with the bid or after the bid? Usually one is required if the GC is awarded the project (after bid).
Second, item C speaks of MBE (HUB) requirements asking for a 10% goal. Are we to list any MBE contractors that we may have used prior to bid or if requested, after the bid?
A. Both of these items will be required of the GC awarded the contract, after successful proposal received. Do keep in mind that both items are of importance and if you have them prepared as part of the proposal they will be accepted as part of your proposal.


Douglas Smith, Facilities Director
(910) 695-3811
105 McKean Campus Services Center


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