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Sandhills Community College already feels like home to Autumn Norton. As a University Studies student, Autumn learned about the college when she was at Union Pines High School and enrolled in Career and College Promise dual-enrollment classes.

“It didn’t matter to the teachers nor the students  I was in class with whether I was a full-time college student or not,” Autumn said. “I belonged in that class just as much as the next person. Sandhills is such a welcoming college that makes everyone feel like they belong, and I experienced it firsthand.”

To Autumn, Sandhills has the feel of a hometown school, but with university-level education. Besides taking classes, Autumn was selected to be a Student Ambassador. In this role she’s looking forward to meeting new people, and influencing prospective students when giving tours.

She already has some advice to those undecided on how to further their education. “Take some classes at Sandhills,” she said. “There are wonderful people here to help you discover what you want to do, and get you on the right path.”

Autumn works part-time as a park ranger and boat dock attendant at San-Lee Park in Sanford, and in her free time she’s usually on social media or watching a Buzzfeed video with her sister.

Looking toward her future, Autumn plans to transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill to earn a biology degree and then enroll in their dentistry program.

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