Nursing – ADN Admissions

Admissions Overview

Admission to the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program is competitive and is based on points earned through your score on an entrance exam and your high school or college grades. There is no waiting list, which means that if you are not offered a seat in the program, you must reapply.

Sandhills uses stages to designate your progress toward admission.

Stage 1 – Qualification stage, during which all prerequisites for application must be met.  Read the program information sheet for more detail.

Stage 2 – Application stage, during which points are calculated and reviewed for consideration.  See the Stage II forms section at the bottom of this page for more detail.

Stage 3 – Pre-admission stage, during which final requirements – like Nurse Aide –  must be met in order to receive final placement into the program.  Read the program information sheet for more detail.

Click on the link directly below to see and print a document will ALL program details, including deadlines, prerequisites, admissions process, and program curriculum.

Click here for ADN Prerequisites

ADN Transfer Procedure (Transferring from another nursing program/NUR classes)


All applicants must complete Stage I and submit a Stage II worksheet. Worksheets are available online or in the Nursing Department in Kennedy 125.

All applicants are required to take the HESI-A2 Exam prior to the program admissions deadline.


Early Consideration

  • Stage I must be completed and all new transcripts submitted to the Registrar’s office by January 29, 2021.
  • Stage II worksheets will be accepted: February 1-11, 2021.

Late Consideration

  • Stage I must be completed and all new transcripts submitted to the Registrar’s office by May 24, 2021.
  • Stage II worksheets will be accepted May 24-June 3, 2021.

For Advanced Placement and RIBN deadlines, please refer to the appropriate program sheet.

Classes and Clinicals

The ADN program begins only in the fall semester.  Classes are held in the day-time only, and only some general education classes can be completed online.  Classes are held at the main campus in Pinehurst.

Most clinical assignments are completed in clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and hospitals in Moore County.   Some clinical assignments may be completed at facilities in neighboring counties.

A typical nursing class schedule will include on-campus classes 3-4 mornings a week, on-campus lab/simulation one morning or afternoon a week, and clinical assignments at least one day a week.  Clinical assignments begin in the first semester and continue in each semester of the program.

Stage II Forms

Stage II Worksheet FAQs

College Students

Criminal Background Checks

  • Criminal Background Checks and Drug Screens are required in Stage III.  Results are viewed only by clinical affiliates.
  • Students may be prohibited from clinical education at specific clinical affiliates based on results, which could prevent students from progressing in the program.