5.22 Civility

Revised: October 1, 2012 (moved from 5.6.)

Sandhills Community College defines “civility” as respect for others, courtesy, civil exchange of ideas, and human interactions that create a positive environment in which to learn.  All members of the College community are expected to adhere to the Core Values, most notably Integrity and Respect. Although no civility policy can guarantee such conduct, the College, through its faculty and staff, will set the tone for such practice using the following guidelines:

  • Respect for the work and ideas of all persons
  • Courteous oral, written, and nonverbal discourse (in personal and electronic forms)
  • Honest interactions and exchanges
  • Fair and just treatment
  • Open professional communications
  • Recognition and respect for diversity
  • Tolerance of differing points of view
  • Zero tolerance for any forms of cyber stalking, cyber bullying, or cyber sexual harassment, especially as related to social networking while engaged in college-related activities or in courses online
  • Social responsibility