4.12.1 Field Trip Protocols

Created: October 1, 2018

Participants will adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Participants must complete all tasks, and complete and sign all waivers required.
  2. As a participant who is not currently enrolled in a course(s) at Sandhills Community College and therefore did not pay fees for the semester, you are not covered by the college’s liability insurance during this trip.
  3. All participants are expected to ride together in a school vehicle both to and from the excursion. In the event a participant is granted permission to drive, SCC does not have liability or automobile coverage for participants driving themselves or other participants to college-sponsored events. Automobile insurance policies held by the participants are the primary and only policies covering them for injuries to themselves and others, as well as damage to their vehicles or other vehicles.
  4. Participants must respect the property of the business, host institution, lodging establishment, host staff, and other participants.  Should the participant cause any damage to persons or property while participating in a college-sponsored trip, the participant will be responsible for costs and liability associated with it.
  5. All SCC equipment borrowed on this trip must be returned. Any gear, lost, damaged, or not returned will be charged to the participant’s account. The participant’s grade may be held, as well as the participant’s ability to register for class or the release of transcripts, until debt is paid.
  6. For all officially sanctioned college excursions, conferences, workshops, etc., no participant may consume alcohol (regardless of age), use tobacco products, use illegal narcotics, or use illicit drugs.
  7. No participant may possess a weapon or firearm.
  8. Upon arriving at the destination, participants are not allowed to leave the premises without prior approval from the responsible advisor.
  9. For overnight trips, participants may have the option of a single room or of sharing a room with another participant.  When rooms are shared, participants are required to share a room with peers in a manner consistent with their gender identity.  Participants in a romantic relationship may not share a room.

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