3.3.3 Textbook Use and Ordering

Revised: August 6, 2007

The selection of textbooks is done through collaboration of all full-time faculty teaching a course with the expectation that the same textbook will be used in all sections of the same course. Upon selection of a textbook for a course, faculty members will notify the SCC Bookstore of their selection. Before a purchase order for a text is placed, the bookstore manager will contact the appropriate vendor to make certain that publisher has an acceptable refund policy; without such a policy, the bookstore manager will consult with the department chair to explore alternatives. In order to ensure that texts arrive on campus prior to registration, orders must be placed with the bookstore manager by the deadline set by that office.

Faculty members are expected to use the same text for each class for a full academic year; any changes during the year must be approved by the Dean of Instruction. Every faculty member is expected to use the text he/she has ordered.

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