1.7.1 Senior Administration

Revised: October 1, 2012. October 1, 2017; October 1, 2018; October 1, 2020

The President, as Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for the total operation of the college. The President executes his/her duties under the supervision of the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and by the State Board of Community Colleges. The President’s primary responsibilities are to promote excellence in teaching and learning, to provide oversight to intercollegiate athletics, and to ensure that the College accomplishes its mission and goals. The President is also responsible for the efficient administration of the college and for the hiring, direction, and development of the college’s faculty and staff. It is the responsibility of the President to establish public trust in the college and to secure the public and private funds necessary for the college to flourish.

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