How College Differs from High School

College differs from high school in many ways where disabilities are concerned.

In high school, your parents and the school district were responsible for providing you with the help you needed to be successful. At Sandhills Community College, it is your responsibility to request the help you need. Do not expect people to ask you what you need.

In high school, teachers and counselors can talk about your progress with your parents. At Sandhills Community College, no one can talk to your parents without your prior written permission.

There are no special classes at Sandhills Community College. All students are competing at the college level.

Your disability is kept confidential at Sandhills Community College. Instructors and other students will not know about your disability unless you tell them.

High schools allow excused absences. At Sandhills Community College, there are no excused absences.

High school instructors give weekly tests that cover a small amount of material. Sandhills Community College instructors give fewer tests and cover more material on those tests.

An algebra class might not have been required in high school. At Sandhills Community College, all degree programs with the exception of one require Algebra I proficiency.

The Sandhills Community College Student Code of Conduct applies to ALL students regardless of ability or disability.


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