Student Success and Advising

The primary purpose of the academic advising program is to assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans that are compatible with their life goals. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about educational plans rests with the individual student. However, the academic advisor collaborates with the student to identify and assess alternatives, to introduce college resources, and to discuss the effects of program decisions.

The Advising Center also assists students with administrative procedures such as change of majors, course withdrawal notices, audit procedures and drop/add forms.


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Contact Information

Davis Smith, Director of Student Success
220C Stone Hall
(910) 695-3732

Fredanel Story, Student Success Specialist
221B Stone Hall
(910) 246-4970

Tonelli Hackett, Student Success Specialist
221A Stone Hall
(910) 695-3737

Cassidy Benjamin, Enrollment Specialist
220B Stone Hall
(910) 246-5366

Kathy Carpenter, Placement Specialist
220A Stone Hall
(910) 695-3733

Shalishah Russell
Tutoring, Volunteer & Disability Services Coordinator
Kelly Tutoring Center
115 Logan Hall
(910) 246-4138


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