Nurse Aide

Nursing Assistant

The Nursing Assistant Curriculum prepares individuals to work under the supervision of licensed health care professionals in performing nursing care and services for persons of all ages.

Course work emphasizes growth and development throughout the life span, personal care, vital signs, communication, nutrition, medical asepsis, therapeutic activities, accident and fire safety, household environment and equipment management, family resources and services, and employment skills.

Graduates of this curriculum may be eligible to be listed on the registry as a Nursing Assistant I and Nursing Assistant II. They may be employed in home health agencies, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, extended care facilities, and doctors’ offices.

Special Program Requirements

  • Completion of all required medical forms.
  • Responsibility for extra costs such as uniforms, supplies, immunizations, insurance and travel to clinical sites.
  • Knowledge that dependent upon employer’s policies, students with a criminal conviction may not be eligible for employment within a health-care setting.



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