Printing Policy


Printing for academic purposes:

Research/Internet - Printing from the 'web'

  • Students must abide by all copyright laws
  • Web pages longer than two pages should be copied and pasted into a word processing program to minimize paper loss
  • Documents longer than fifteen pages must be approved by an LRC staff member

Homework/Research Papers

  • Students may print two copies
  • Documents longer than fifteen pages must be approved by an LRC staff member

Color printing:

  • Color printing is available for student academic use only
  • Color printing is $.15 per sheet, paid in advance
  • Color printing is limited to five sheets per student per assignment
  • Only LRC staff members may operate the color printer

Printing for non-academic purposes:

  • Printing is available at ten cents per sheet for use exceeding that listed above or for personal purposes

We further recommend:

  • Use of the copier located in Boyd Library for multiple copies of documents
  • Use of the "print preview" option before printing to ensure appropriate formatting

Scanning Policy

  • Use of the scanner is for student academic purposes only
  • Only LRC staff members may operate the scanner
  • Academic material will be scanned on to a student's disk USB flash drive or may be emailed to the student's email account
  • There is no charge for scanning
  • LRC staff members may not be able to provide scanning on demand. Students may be required to leave documents with an LRC staff member for scanning at a later time.

It is the goal of the LRC to maintain a facility supportive of student and faculty needs and uses. In an attempt to provide service to as many as possible, while limiting the excess of a few, the LRC staff will enforce the printing and scanning policies.


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