College Programs for High School Students

Comprehensive Articulation Agreement

As authorized by the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) between the North Carolina Community College System and the University of North Carolina System, a high school student who satisfactorily completes a college course designated as a college transfer course with a grade of “C” or better will receive transfer credit at the university. The university will determine whether the course will count as general education, major, or elective credit with some courses guaranteed to transfer as general education courses. All courses taken at Sandhills Community College in which students earn a “C” or better will also transfer to other community colleges.

Registering for Courses

The high school counselor will assist students in selecting courses appropriate for the high school diploma and for educational plans after high school graduation. Before registering for courses at the high school, students must complete an application to Sandhills Community College and must meet eligibility requirements through submission of appropriate test scores or completion of a college placement exam and submission of current high school transcripts.

Contact Information

Phyllis Dowdy, M.A, Director of High School & College Relations – Moore County, Out-of-County Home & Private Schools
173 Kennedy Hall
(910) 695-3713

Kimberly L. McMillan, M.A., Director of High School and College Relations-Hoke County
171 Kennedy Hall
(910) 246-4976