Adult Basic Education (ABE)

We offer ABE classes for the Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced adult learners to help them improve reading, writing, math, spelling, and language skills to fulfill educational and/or vocational goals.


Sandhills Community College
Van Dusen Hall

Beginning Level ABE
M-F                                                                 8am-2pm

Intermediate and Advanced ABE
M-Th                                                               8am-2pm


Sandhills Hoke Center
Upchurch Hall

Beginning Level ABE 
M-Th                                                               8:30am-2pm

Intermediate and Advanced ABE
M-Th                                                               8:30am-2pm


Moore County

Karen DeCata, Transitions Coordinator
115A Van Dusen Hall
(910) 695-3779

Hoke County

Beckie Kimbrell
Hoke Center
(910) 848-4300