Digital Media Technology Print Design Certificate Course Requirements

With the availability of affordable publishing software for personal computers and low-cost printing devices, many individuals, businesses and organizations now produce their own print material in-house. Creating print material that is effective requires an understanding of key design elements. The Print Design Certificate is designed to develop the fundamental skills, techniques, and software knowledge necessary to conceive, lay out, and produce graphics and type for print media. Topics include design theory as well as hands-on projects.

A prerequisite to this certificate is the passing of a departmental computer skill competency exam or the completion of CIS110 or CIS-111. Students may apply all coursework from this certificate program to the Associate Degree in Digital Media Technology.

Certificate Program Course Hours Per Week
GRD-151 Computer Design Basics 1 4 3
GRD-167 Photographic Imaging I 1 4 3
GRA-151 Computer Graphics I 1 3 2
DME-115 Graphic Design Tools 2 2 3
GRA-152 Computer Graphics II 1 3 2
GRD-265 Digital Print Production 1 4 3
8 21 18
Total Required Minimum Semester Hours Credit