Sentence Sense: Grammar and Usage
Sentence Sense is an online handbook of grammar and usage by Evelyn Farbman and Dr. Charles Darling of Capital Community College.

  • This list of links below will take you to Sentence Sense at Capital Community College and a series of instructions on some of the most common problems in grammar and punctuation that most writers have to learn to look for in their writing. Learning how to use these aspects of grammar and punctuation effectively will help you express your ideas more clearly while in college and in your professional career.

  • Be sure to read the directions carefully when you take one of the application exercises or practice quizzes that appear after the instructions to the grammar or punctuation problem. Most quizzes permit you to click on a button to make a sentence appear. Then you can edit the sentence. Then you click on the "answer" button for the correct sentence so that you can compare your changes with what the "textbook" selected.

Capitalization and Punctuation

"Writers use punctuation marks and capital letters to help readers interpret the structure of their sentences. Each mark has at least one purpose, and some have several, but no mark is ever used without a good reason." - Evelyn Farbman. This section explains how to use capitalization and punctuation to guide your reader effectively through sentences and paragraphs.


Consistency, or harmony of parts, is critical for showing your reader how your thoughts fit together. Consistency of verb tense, pronoun point of view, and sentence pattern will allow your reader to follow the path of your ideas within sentences, through paragraphs, and on to the end of a whole essay." — Evelyn Farbman

The Essay

Make each part of the essay flow together into a unified and coherent series of well-developed paragraphs. Use the techniques below to achieve unity and coherence in the essay: