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Sandhills Contact List
Absences Your Instructor
Academic Advising Tonelli Hackett 910-695-3737
Admissions Cary Greene 910-695-3781
Alive at 25 Teresa Reynolds 919-695-3775
College & Career Readiness Lucinda Cole 910-695-3784
Books and Supplies Sandra Dales 910-695-3789
Career Center Gwen Russell 910-695-3735
Change of Major Fredanel Story 910-246-4970
Continuing Education
Registration and Inquiries
Disability Services Shalishah Russell 910-246-4138
Drop/Add Courses Your Advisor
Financial Aid Marie Sullivan 910-695-3743
High School Equivalency Anna McPhatter 910-695-3777
Library Circulation Desk 910-695-3819
Learning Resource Center Judy Hines 910-695-3833
Lost and Found Switchboard Operator 910-692-6185
Personal Counseling Randy Foster 910-695-3968
  Rosa McAllister-McRae 910-878-5804 (Hoke)
Placement Testing Cassidy Benjamin 910-246-5366
Program Requirements Your Advisor (current student)
Project Promise Amy Caliri 910-695-3978
Register for Classes Your Advisor (current student)
Scholarships Jonathan Garrison
Student Government Caitlin Rexrode 910-695-3858
Student IDs Regina Ritter 910-692-6185
Student Publications Caitlin Rexrode 910-695-3858
Transcripts Tamika Jones 910-695-3734
Tutoring Shalishah Russell 910-246-4138
Veteran’s Benefits Teresa Taylor 910-695-3902
Work-Study Jonathan Garrison


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