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Algene JohnsonCathy Hinton

Director of Nursing, NC Department of Correction, Ashley Heights, North Carolina

An Associate Degree in Nursing has taken Cathy Hinton far in life. Not physically, she is still within 15 miles of her hometown, but career-wise. Upon graduation, she began at the NC Department of Correction as a Staff Nurse. Hinton was later promoted to Lead Nurse, Regional Nurse Supervisor, and now supervises a staff of 132 nurses as the Director of Nursing.

“An education in Nursing at Sandhills is second-to-none,” said Hinton. “I did as well on the licensure exam as students from UNC because I was so well prepared. The program was tough, but it prepared me for the challenges I would face and gave me the discipline I would need to be successful.”

“Because I had a family,” she continued, “it was difficult going to college. The financial aid I received was a great help. I wasn’t able to join clubs or participate in extra-curricular activities but I did form some very close friendships. There were four of us who regularly studied together and we are friends to this day.”


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