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Mark Wright – Being True to Sandhills’ Design

Mark Wright

Having designed renovations on a science hall at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, architect Mark Wright was called to Sandhills Community College in 1995, to discuss a renovation for Meyer Hall, another science building. He remembers his impressions when he arrived on campus. “The environment at Sandhills was quite wonderful and I liked everything about the campus,” he says.

Mr. Wright calls the design of Sandhills’ buildings “a historical architectural style using the materials and colors of the North Carolina pine forest.” People who also love the look of Sandhills are pleased that this talented architect was committed from the very beginning of his association with Sandhills to be true to the style.

Since that first project, Mr. Wright, owner of Wright Architecture an architectural and planning firm based in High Point, has done numerous interior renovations on buildings on campus.

His firm has also designed new buildings: the G. Victor and Margaret Ball Garden Visitor's Center at the Sandhills Horticultural Gardens, Little Hall, the Dempsey Student Center and Sirotek Hall. Mr. Wright’s latest contribution is the design of Logan Hall which opened in the summer of 2012.  This two-story building of 35,000 square feet gave the campus twenty new classrooms plus faculty offices.

“I take pride in being the keeper of the keys for the original plans for the campus buildings, created by Hayes Howell Architects,” Mr. Wright says. “Rather than doing a design-of-the-day building, on each project I work with Dr. Dempsey and the board to maintain the beautiful style of Sandhills.”  

“We think the world of his talent,” Dr. Dempsey has said of Mark Wright. “When you see one of his buildings, you’d think it costs more than it does. Mark Wright is able to give you a lot of building for your dollar.”

“Working with Sandhills couldn’t be a more enjoyable experience,” Mr. Wright says. 


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