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Nancy Heilman - A Sandhills Original

Nancy Heilman

The faculty and staff of Sandhills Community College have a powerful desire to help students succeed. A prime example is in the Kelly Tutoring Center managed by Nancy Heilman, Coordinator of Tutoring and Volunteer Services.

Mrs. Heilman met her husband where they both worked in the Philadelphia Public School System.  Avid golfers, they came to Pinehurst in 1989 for their honeymoon and ended up purchasing a home that week.  They retired here in 1992. She enjoys playing golf on weekends.

Coming to the college as part of a grant in 1998, Mrs. Heilman established a tutoring program at the college. The first year, tutoring was provided to 140 students; today, over 1,000 students annually take advantage of the opportunity for the free assistance. 

“This community is blessed with many well-educated volunteers willing to help students learn subject material,” she reports. “Some have been with us from the beginning of the program, but we welcome new volunteers all the time.”

Sandhills’ tutors are skilled, friendly and motivated. “Sometimes being able to really discuss subject matter more in depth is all that’s needed,” says Kelly Taylor who tutors in critical writing and literature. “I love when the light bulb goes on.”

“Students are eager to learn and appreciate the extra help,” adds tutor William Tripp who earned two associate degrees at Sandhills in 2012 and is working on his bachelor’s degree. “The results we see time after time make tutoring very worthwhile.”

Mrs. Heilman is proud of her tutors and the measurable success they have achieved. “The entire faculty and staff are dedicated to student success and tutoring can be an enormous factor,” she says.

One quirky fact about Nancy is that she plays a ukulele, sometimes in costumes (Raggedy Ann being her favorite), and has taught two of her granddaughters to play. She wants to begin a Ukulele Club but has not found others with her passion.


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