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What's Going on in Front of the College?

Have you been wondering what is happening in front of Stone Hall and to the courtyard of Stone?
The main entrance to the college has been very unfriendly to those who have difficulty maneuvering steps or found the bricks and curbs challenging to walk upon. When the college was first built over 50 years ago, architects and builders rarely considered access for those with adverse mobility issues and disabilities. Plus, the trees and shrubs have grown substantially over the years, creating obstacles to safe passage.
Over the years, ramps have been added, and other changes have been made to the campus allowing for safer mobility, but those entering Stone Hall had to take a quite a round-about-way.
Sandhills Community College strives to serve all members of our community; everyone is equally valued and respected. For those reasons, the administration has undertaken the renovation of the entrance.
The new entrance hardscape and landscaping will include twin access ramps, and beyond the new entry, the Stone Hall courtyard will be transformed into an outdoor respite area for quiet study and student interaction. It will contain a water feature providing echoing, peaceful resonance.

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