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Two SCC Students Set to Become Embry-Riddle Eagles

Image of Carter Long on the SCC campus.

Carter Long

Astronauts who have journeyed to the International Space Station, military generals, and colonels are among those who graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Now, two Sandhills Community College students are on track to add their names to the list of more than 137,000 alumni.

Carter Long and Colton DeLancy, students in SCC’s Aviation program, have been accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “This is a benchmark for our program,” said Keith Davies, coordinator and instructor of the Aviation program.

Colton grew up in the area and graduated from Union Pines High School. He works at the Pinecrest Inn in addition to attending Sandhills. “I wish the public knew how Sandhills provides such great work possibilities as well as transfer opportunities,” Colton said.

Colton DeLancy poses for a photo on the SCC campus.

Colton DeLancy

Like Colton, Carter grew up locally. He attended North Moore High School and is employed at Lowe’s Home Improvement in Southern Pines. “One of my goals is to receive all my certifications so I can become a professional pilot with the airlines or for a corporate or charter service,” said Carter.

“With the recent addition of the professional piloting and aviation management program at SCC, I was excited to be able to be part of it. I’ve learned a great deal about being a pilot, aircraft functions, and what it takes to succeed in the aviation field. Knowledgeable instructors are a great asset to the program and make learning more interesting and challenging,” Carter said.

Carter singled out Keith Davies, specifically. “He is a great instructor and advisor. If I ever have any question, I always go to him, and he always has an answer regardless if it is his program or not,” he said.

Carter worked a lot over the summer to save money to pay for flying to build his hours. He advises those interested in the program to begin flying as soon as possible. “Once you start flying, you can apply everything you’ve learned in the classroom to better your flying skills. The more you fly, the easier it is to understand what you’re learning in class.”

The SCC Aviation Program

SCC’s aviation program began in August of 2018. Students can earn an Associate in Applied Science in Aviation Management or an Associate in Applied Science in Professional Pilot Technology. Contact Keith Davies to learn more about the program at or 910.693.2076. Or go to

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