Tips for Taking a Quiz

Follow the helpful tips below before starting a test/quiz on Moodle. Each tip will help you minimize any potential technical problems you may have while taking a quiz/test in Moodle.

Tip 1: Close all other Programs and Browsers

Closeout of all other windows, tabs, and programs on your computer before starting the test. If other tabs, programs, or browsers are running, they could cause your computer to slow down or lock up while taking the test.

Tip 2: Use Fire Fox

Use the Firefox web browser as your browser (unless your instructor specifically tells you to use another browser).

Tip 3: Answer Every Question Before Submitting

On the Summary of the attempt page, check your answers, and make sure each question has an answer selected. Any question you failed to answer will say “Not yet answered.” Click the Return to attempt button and answer any unanswered questions before submitting the test.

Tip 4: Click the Next Page Button to Save Your Answers

Click the Next Page or Finish attempt button to save your answers. The Finish attempt button does not end the quiz, you still have the opportunity to return to your questions on the next page. Saving your answers will preserve them in case your computer crashes, or you lose internet connection during the test.

Tip 5: Fully Charge Your Laptop Battery

If you are using a laptop, make sure you have a fully charged battery or have a nearby power outlet available before starting the test.

Tip 6: Use a Physically Connected Device or Reliable Wireless

If you are using a wireless connection, make sure the connection is consistent and reliable. A poor wireless connection that disconnects and reconnects will cause problems when taking a quiz. It is best to take quizzes on a reliable connection such as a computer plugged directly into your home router or a lab computer.

Tip 7: Set Aside all Distractions before Starting the Test

Before the test starts, make sure you have removed all distractions. IF you are taking the quiz from home, here is a short but helpful list of helpful tips:

  • go to the bathroom before starting the test
  • have a glass of water and a snack near your computer in case you need something to drink or eat while taking the test
  • silence your cell phone and place it in another room
  • if you are taking the quiz from home, alert everyone that you are taking a test

The key is to eliminate the need to leave the computer. Make sure to minimize any distraction that would cause you to leave the testing computer during the quiz.