Taking Online Classes At SCC

What Should I Expect When Taking an Online Class?

High school students may choose to enroll in designated online courses which fall under those allowed for high school enrollment through CCP.  Online courses are best suited for students with strong study habits, maturity, organization, and self-motivation skills, and who have reliable high-speed internet access.

Some courses are taught entirely online. A hybrid course is taught partially online and partially in a traditional classroom.

While online and hybrid courses offer some flexibility, they require the same time commitment as a traditional, face-to-face course with additional time spent doing assignments and/or studying for quizzes and exams in order to be successful.

It is important for the student to realize that the time online is used to replace class time and does not replace the time the student would normally be doing assignments and/or studying for quizzes and exams.  In other words, while the timing of the coursework may be more flexible, online and hybrid classes require at least as much total time as a face-to-face class for successful completion.

As is the case with traditional Sandhills students, all students enrolled in online courses should access “Online Education @ SCC” found on the MySCC page Student Information category. This page details student rights and obligations in the online environment.

Required computer specifications applicable to all online courses can be found by clicking on the Moodle Information & Help link on the MySCC page.  Any course specific computer requirements can be accessed through a link in the online course.  If a student has questions regarding online suitability, he/she should contact his/her CCP guidance counselor or the Director of High School Programs for Moore County.

Once a student is registered in an online course, the student must access the Moodle course management system, the online learning platform through which distance classes are taught. Access is achieved by clicking the Moodle link on the MySCC page and entering the student’s Sandhills username and password.

It is crucial to note that online courses are NOT SELF-PACED.  To establish enrollment in an online course, students must log into the course and submit the orientation assignment by the deadline designated by the instructor, usually within the first two or three days of the semester.  To know that exact date, students need to log into Moodle on the first day of class.  If they do not complete the orientation assignment, they will be not be allowed to remain in the course.  Additionally, students are required to log into the course several times per week for the duration of the semester, and they must meet course deadlines specified by the instructor.

Acceptable Use Policy

All students at Sandhills are required to use college resources such as their SCC email and WebAdvisor.  Students and their parents should be aware that many college courses also require the use of library books and other research materials, including use of the Internet. For this reason, students are required to follow the Acceptable Use Policy, which is found and agreed upon when setting up user Network Accounts. By using college-supplied information technology resources, individuals, groups, or organizations agree to abide by all policies and procedures adopted by Sandhills Community College as well as all current federal, state, and local laws. These include college policies and procedures against harassment, plagiarism, and unethical conduct, as well as local, state, and federal laws prohibiting theft, copyright infringement, insertion of viruses into computer systems, and other unlawful intrusions.