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Supporting SCC Students, Faculty, and Staff Through Giving

Several people lined up with shovels at the Foundation Hall groundbreaking.Since 1963, when Mrs. Mary Luman Meyer gave the gift of 250 acres of land on Airport Road, the location of the main campus, Sandhills Community College has been blessed and enriched by the private support of its students, educational programs, facilities, and capital needs.

These gifts have changed thousands of students’ lives, modernized classrooms, purchased state-of-the-art instructional equipment, created the renowned Sandhills Horticultural Gardens, and supported the high-quality cultural programs for which the college is known. During the past five decades, Sandhills has achieved a level of excellence rare among American colleges. Much of that has only been possible through the truly remarkable level of private support the college has received over the years.

Charitable giving is a very personal decision. The Foundation staff is always available to discuss the college, its mission, and how you can become a part of the family of supporters. Please feel free to contact any one of the staff to learn more: Germaine Elkins, VP Institutional Advancement at (910) 695-3706 or; Jennifer Dail, Senior Director of Development at (910) 695-3712 or; or Cassidy Benjamin, Director of Foundation Outreach at (910) 695-3716 or

There are many ways to make a gift to help ensure education for others at Sandhills. Contributions can be made at any time during the year and be designated for a specific purpose or given as unrestricted, providing the college with the opportunity to use the gift where it is most needed.

Annual Fund

The Annual Fund supports all those things that make quality education possible. Giving supports the superb faculty, instructional equipment for classrooms and laboratories, and facilities that help teachers teach and students learn. The Annual Fund appeal is mailed to friends of the college each year in early November, although donors may make gifts at any time.

Guarantor Program

The SCC Guarantors underwrite the college’s guarantee that no deserving student will be turned away because he or she cannot afford a college education. The Guarantors Program is a flexible financial aid fund that provides critical support for a host of needs that can derail a student’s education.

The Guarantors Program is the most effective way to help deserving students in financial distress stay in school and succeed in their programs of study. Guarantors support emergency response assistance for students in crises. It helps with everyday expenses, such as childcare, that can make the difference between being able to afford to come to school or not. It supports veterans’ aid programs, work-ready continuing education programs, and provides critical tuition assistance to fill the gap between what students can afford to pay and what they owe for their classes. Guarantor members give $1,000 each year and remain Guarantor members for the school year in which the gift is given.

President’s 1963 Circle

Gifts to the President’s 1963 Circle, celebrating the year of the college’s founding, provide $1,000 to the Guarantors Program and $963 to the Annual Fund for Sandhills. These gifts support two of the core values of Sandhills Community College — excellence and opportunity. Excellence in programs and opportunities for all students. Members of the President’s 1963 Circle are considered both Guarantors members and members of the President’s 1963 Circle for the school year in which the gift is given.


The gift of a scholarship is the ultimate expression of faith in the college, its mission, and most importantly, the future and potential of a student. Scholarships provide the resources to enable our students to succeed, afford hope and opportunity, are an incentive to strive for excellence, and recognize a job well done. Scholarship gifts may be made annually or supported through the creation of an endowment.

Planned Giving

When carried out in concert with estate planning, charitable gift planning provides an opportunity for friends of Sandhills to provide significant and lasting support for the college. Planned gifts are made by wills, charitable remainder trusts, gift annuities, life insurance policies, individual retirement accounts, and gifts of property such as real estate. Sandhills has significantly benefited from bequest gifts, both large and small, since its founding. Our benefactors continue to provide significant growth in our endowment and other essential programs through their wills and other planned gifts.

Mini-Grant Program

State funding for purchasing equipment and supplies for programs is limited and restricted. The Mini-Grant Program provides faculty and staff the opportunity to present grant proposals for special projects that support and foster innovation and expanded possibilities for programs and classes—projects that would not be possible in any other way. Mini-Grant funds support projects that: enhance academic programs, involve students, and/or improve learning. Grants range in value up to $6,000, depending on the proposal, and most are awarded in the $1,250 to $3,000 range. These grants have a tremendous impact on empowering faculty and enhancing academic programs.

Examples of How Our Donor’s Contributions are Used

Student Support

The Sandhills Promise

Funds are provided for local high school students that successfully compete four CCP classes when in high school to attend Sandhills for two full years immediately after high school graduation.


At the close of each semester, faculty nominate and choose students for special recognition and awards based on their scholarship and service.

Scholarship & Guarantor Support

The Foundation provided over $1,200,000 to over 800 students for the 2020-21 academic year.

Faculty and Staff Support


Provides faculty and staff the opportunity to present grant proposals for special projects that support and foster innovation and expand possibilities for programs and classes.

Faculty & Staff Professional Development

The SCC Foundation provides opportunities for professional development for faculty and staff through the support of the Teaching and Learning Center, international travel, sabbaticals, funds for employees seeking advanced degrees, and support for ongoing technical training.

Facilities Support

Foundation Hall

Sandhills Community College educates most of the non-physician health care professionals in our area. Recognizing the ever-increasing need for qualified nursing and health science professionals, residents approved a bond to construct additional classrooms and labs. The Foundation reached out to the community to request other resources to help ensure the facility is state-of-the-art with the most current medical technology and advanced learning resources. Foundation Hall is scheduled for completion in the spring of 2023.

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