Learn to Earn This Summer

Learn To Earn - Make Your Summer Count

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” -Warren Buffett

Make your summer count! Hundreds of classes in every major will be offered this summer, both in the classroom and online. If you are attending college out of the area, save money by taking a class with us and transferring the credits into your course of study.

Curriculum/College credit classes begin on May 24 and June 28. View our summer semester classes here.

If you have never taken our curriculum/college credit classes,

apply from the link in the header above and we will assist with registration. If you have taken classes with us within the past five years, log into Self-Service from MySCC and register.

Or learn what you need in just a few months and land a job as a Medical Administrative Assistant, EKG Technician, Nurse Aide, or Pharmacy Technician. This summer you can take the prerequisite course needed to go into Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, or Welding. How about something fun like line dancing or Tai Chi? We will also offer Yoga this summer. Call us at 910.695.3980 for information or to register. Click here for the Continuing Education section of our website.

View our summer flightPath publication here.

Fall Semester

If you are considering attending Sandhills beginning fall semester, please contact us today. We’d be happy to give you a campus tour, discuss our majors with you, or help you apply.

If you plan to take curriculum/college credit courses and will need financial assistance, begin by filling out theĀ FAFSA. To receive funds in hand to pay fall semester tuition, you need to submit this by July 14. After that date you can still apply, but completion by July 14 assures that your application will be processed in time.

Financial assistance is also available for our Continuing Education classes. Information is available here.

Fall semester curriculum/college credit classes will begin on August 15 for the 16-week semester and the first eight-week session. The second eight-week session begins on October 12. Continuing Education classes begin throughout the semester.

The flightPath publication contains every Continuing Education class offered throughout the year and information about every curriculum/college credit program we offer. Click here to view the most recent issue.