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Valencia Owens

Valencia Owens

Valencia Owens, a Sandhills Community College student, majoring in Finance and Accounting, moved to the area from Houston, Texas for a change of scenery and to be nearer family. After a Google search and hearing such good things about the college from family and friends, Valencia chose to attend SCC.

She chose her program because she has a deep passion for the field – in her words, “How could you not like handling money?” The Finance and Accounting program has a lot to offer, which is just exciting in its own, Valencia said. Her favorite instructor is Mrs. Kruska, who made public speaking “worth it.” “The fact that she is super patient, funny, and honest, makes it all worthwhile,” she said. “I would take her class all over again just to have the pleasure of being in her presence.”

What makes Sandhills special to Valencia? The effort that’s extended to help students. “They won’t turn you down just because you are unable to pay for your education,” she said. “They always find a way to make you part of the family.”  In the same vein, as a Student Ambassador, she looks forward to making new friends, and also to “build foundations in others to where they don’t have to be afraid of accomplishing their dreams.”

As for her dreams, Valencia hopes to begin as a financial examiner for a governmental operation, build her career, and later start her own financial services company.

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