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Student Profile: Kaylie Hebert

Recent SCC graduate Kaylie Hebert’s goal is to be the best physical therapist she can become and help patients recover from injuries or surgeries.

Currently, Kaylie is working at Pinehurst Surgical Clinic in the Physical Therapy department and will be heading to UNC-Charlotte in August where she plans to double major in Psychology and Exercise Science with a concentration in strength and conditioning. Once she earns these degrees, she plans to continue her education and earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Kaylie has lived in the Sandhills all her life and attended Pinecrest High School, where she learned of the college transfer programs available at SCC.

Sandhills Community College is special to Kaylie for several reasons “There are tons of events happening all the time,” she remarked. Concerning the learning environment, “Everyone at Sandhills wants you to succeed and will help you. I have never had an instructor that was not willing to help.” Her favorite instructor at SCC was Mr. Hair, whom she took for Introduction to Ethics.

As a recent graduate of SCC, Kaylie offers a few bits of advice for students: “Contact your instructor if you are having trouble. They want you to succeed. Another thing is, don’t forget to take time for yourself. Let’s say you have a garden, and you are growing your favorite flowers. If you do not take care of the garden, eventually that garden will die, and weeds will take over. You are the garden! You want to take care of your garden to share the beauty it has.

“The last thing I would share concerns your use of time. If you had $84,000 and someone stole $15 from you, would you give them the rest of it? There are 84,000 seconds in a day. Do not let someone’s action that was 10 seconds ruin the rest of your 83,985 seconds.”

With this advice in mind, we’re sure that Kaylie will succeed in her chosen career.

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