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SCC Recognizes Employee Accomplishments

Each May, at the close of the academic year, Sandhills Community College holds a lively and entertaining Employee Recognition Day event. Because most of the campus was closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College was unable to host the event and honor those with significant years of service, those retiring and employees receiving distinctive awards.

Nevertheless, the College still recognized these honored employees during several of the weekly video/audio conference chats the Administration had with staff and faculty.

Milestone Years of Service

SCC employees celebrating 10 years of service at the College this year were Dwight Threat, Heather Trevarrow, Jeremy Beal, Julie Voigt, Denise Cameron, Steve Melone, Kathy McNamara, Shelby Basinger, Cassidy Benjamin, Ryan Book, Abbe Allen, Jonathan Garrison, Ginny Gaweda, Becky Graham, Andi Korte, Matthew Sheffield, Joe Steppe, Kristi Whitesell, Nicole Worley and Susan Wright.

Those celebrating 20 years of service were Cynthia Thomas, Chris Currier, Jackie Babb, Ricky Hooker, Lavada Alsbrook, Johna Parker and Rachel Gagliardi. Alsbrook was the only retiree at the College this year.

Employees celebrating 25 years of service were Royilyn Derr, Billy Barber and Rosa McCallister-McRae.

Debra Ring is celebrating her 30th year of service at the College this year.

Faculty and Staff Sabbatical Recipients

The SCC Foundation funds sabbaticals for faculty and staff applicants after their seventh year of full-time service at the College. The purpose is for continuing professional development that will ultimately benefit the students, the College and the academic community. Employees present a proposal as to the purpose and nature of the leave, the location(s) the leave will be taken, collaboration if applicable, the anticipated expenses, activities to be pursued and the anticipated outcomes.

Faculty Sabbatical Award recipients receive a full semester sabbatical for continued professional growth and new or renewed intellectual achievement through teaching, study, research, writing and/or travel. The faculty awarded a sabbatical this year were Abbe Allen, Johna Parker, Tonya Parks and Kristi Whitesell.

Staff Sabbatical Award recipients were Denise Cameron, Royilyn Derr, Tricia Donadio, Germaine Elkins and Teresa Taylor. They will receive a one-month sabbatical.

Faculty and Staff Awards

Each year prestigious awards are presented to College employees. Coworkers and students nominated the recipients.

Maria Campbell was presented with the Community Service Award. This award is given annually to the faculty or staff member who most exemplifies sacrifice and service to the community. Campbell is the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Education Navigator for the Continuing Education division of the College.

Jason Levister was given the Jim Halstead Encouragement Award. This award is given annually to a non-teaching staff member who has provided encouragement to others. Levister is the Director of Student Success, Scholarships and Data Support for Continuing Education.

The Advisor of the Year award recognizes excellence in faculty academic advising. Peers and students nominate faculty members for their attention to student advising and success. Laura Hill was recognized as the Advisor of the Year. Hill is a Professor of Psychology.

Bobby Allen was given The Adjunct Faculty of the Year Award. Department chairs nominate individuals who demonstrate outstanding skill in the classroom, as evidenced by student evaluations. The nominee must have taught at least three semesters and within the calendar year of the nomination. Allen teaches Sociology.

Allison Allred was awarded the Raymond A. and Rachel H. Stone Excellence in Teaching Award. This award recognizes a full-time professor whose outstanding performance in the classroom does great credit to their discipline, department and the College.

Maintenance Grounds Supervisor Dennis Holder was awarded the Raymond A. and Rachel H. Stone Excellence in Service Award. This award is given annually to the staff member who shows a commitment to the College’s mission and contributes to the advancement of the institution and its students. The person shows consistent, excellent performance on the job, exhibiting unselfish devotion to duty far and above normal requirements and shows initiative, innovation and leadership in the workplace. The nominee also shows a responsible, efficient use of college resources for the benefit of the institution, its students and the community; who is attentive to professional and personal development, modeling a “lifelong learning” commitment; and who has a willingness to share time and expertise through service to the institution, its students and the wider community.

Fall Semester at SCC

The fall semester begins on August 17. New students can apply online and an advisor will assist in registering for classes. Orientation will be online. Current or returning students can register for summer or fall classes using Self-Service or by contacting their advisor.

The last day to apply for federal financial aid using the FAFSA is July 9 to receive money in time to pay for the fall semester.

Continuing Education classes begin on various dates. Classes leading to careers in manufacturing, construction and public safety can be found on the Continuing Education section of the College’s website.

New Fast Track Program

The new SCC Fast Track program launched this summer. Fast Track now enables students to earn the College’s most popular transfer degree, the Associate in Arts, in as fast as one year with its five-week, sequenced online classes.

Fast Track classes begin virtually every month. Students can take classes anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection, at any time of day or night and at a pace that works best for them. For all information, visit

Campus Health Precautions

For the continued safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff, the college has converted as many classes as possible to online or hybrid (online plus limited face-to-face interaction). Additional hand sanitizing stations have been installed on campus and a deep cleaning is being carried out each evening using EPA-approved disinfectants and foggers. A campus-wide sanitizing wipe down of door pulls and light switches is done twice each weekday and the use of water fountains has been discontinued. Service desk shields have been installed in high traffic areas.

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