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SCC Program with In-Demand Jobs Begins Soon

Medical assistant taking blood pressure of patient.A new Sandhills Community College program designed to meet the growing needs of local healthcare facilities, where there is a shortage of qualified employees and very few applying for open positions, will begin on October 4. Classes in Medical Assisting will be held on Mondays thru Thursdays from 8:30 am. Scholarships are available for these classes.

Responding to requests from FirstHealth, Pinehurst Medical Clinic, Pinehurst Surgical Clinic, and the Southern Pines Women’s Health Center, SCC has partnered with these healthcare employers to train medical assistants. The new program is being offered through Continuing Education, adding to the college’s nearly two dozen healthcare programs and classes.

According to, medical assistants are the glue that holds a physician’s office or a hospital floor together. They juggle the dual responsibilities of making patients feel comfortable and keeping doctors organized. Those who like working with people make great medical assistants. It can be a rewarding career with advancement opportunities.

A medical assistant is one of the first faces a patient sees when at a medical facility. Most check patients in and take their blood pressure and other vitals. They make sure patients’ medical histories are complete before seeing the physician. Behind the scenes, medical assistants work with records, carry out coding, have billing responsibilities, schedule appointments, and stock supplies.

Medical assistants find employment in physician’s offices, hospitals, outpatient care centers, continuing care retirement communities, and assisted living facilities for the elderly.

The demand for medical assistants is poised to grow much faster than average due to aging baby boomers increasing the demand for preventive medical services and the dramatic population growth of the Sandhills region of North Carolina. Physicians are hiring more assistants for routine administrative and clinical duties, allowing them to see more patients.

The SCC Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant program at Sandhills is a three-part class. Students learn anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, safety and infection control, procedures and examinations, medical law and ethics, administrative procedures, billing, coding, and insurance.

In Parts I and II, students learn skills through a combination of lectures and labs. In Part III, they gain hands-on experience through clinicals at local healthcare facilities. Upon completion of clinicals, students will have the opportunity to interview for a position. The three-part program can be completed in 11 months.

For questions about the career or program, contact Lori Forrester at 910-695-3917 or To register, call 910-695-3980 or stop by the Continuing Education offices in Van Dusen Hall on the Pinehurst campus.

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