Sandhills Community College Global Scholars

In an effort to ensure that Sandhills students are prepared to live and work in an increasingly globalized world, Sandhills Community College is partnering with the World View Program at UNC-Chapel Hill to offer the Sandhills Community College Global Scholars Program.  Students completing this program outlined below, and graduating with a minimum 3.0 GPA, will have “Graduated with Global Distinction” noted on their transcript.

  • Students complete at least 15 credit hours of globally intensive courses: please see the current classes listed below.  Currently, all of the classes listed are 3.0 credit hour classes, so that translates into 5 classes.  Students can receive credit for having successfully completing these classes in previous semesters.
  • Students participate in 8 international activities and dialogue: this will include any musical, artistic, or lecture event offered on campus.  Students participating in the program will be required to sign-in at the event and turn in a brief reflection essay to the program coordinator through moodle.  A calendar will be posted on the Sandhills Global Scholars moodle site and updated frequently.
  • Students gain global experience (30 hours of participation in either study abroad or a domestic intercultural experience): this can be satisfied through participation in the HUM 120 class, working or interning with an international company, a mission trip, a family overseas trip, living overseas, or military experience.  Please contact Professor Abbe Allen if you believe you have met this requirement through another type of experience.
  • Students give a capstone presentation related to their global learning participation: this involves a 15-minute presentation.  Attendance at a capstone presentation can count as one of your 8 international activities.

For further information, questions and an application, please see Professor Abbe Allen in room 205 Van Dusen Hall.  You also may contact Professor Allen at 910 695-3854 or at