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SCC Announces New Online Transfer Fast Track Program

Fast Track logo with text that reads, Any Time, Any Place, Any Pace.Sandhills Community College is pleased to announce its new Fast Track program. This innovative degree program will enable students to earn the college’s most popular transfer degree, the Associate in Arts, in as fast as one year with its five-week, sequenced online classes.

Fast Track classes will begin virtually every month, and students can enroll in up to two classes each five-week session. That means, students can take classes anywhere they have a Wi-Fi connection, at any time, and at a pace that works best for them. All classes are completely online.

 “When the program was envisioned last fall, COVID-19 was not even in the picture,” said Ron Layne, vice president of College Initiatives. “It was designed to attract potential students whose busy lives meant they needed quick delivery, open access, and a clear path to completion. 

“However, the virus has accelerated the need for education that adapts to people’s lives. Fast Track does just that. It provides continuous starting dates, concentrated focus on manageable and quickly completed courses, and a clear path to move from an Associate degree into the online university realm. All of that, and Fast Track is the most affordable online accelerated education program students can find.”  

Fast Track allows students to work at their own pace as long as they complete the coursework for each class in the five-week window. They can take up to two classes each session, and, after two terms, can expand that course load if their GPA remains strong. The program is also flexible and “soldier-friendly,” which means that those who are deployed can take Sandhills with them — a global approach to education.

SCC’s Fast Track program is based on the Colorado College Model, where students schedule a full-time load, but only take one or two classes at a time. Classes are sequenced, not concurrent.

The summer session begins on May 27 and ends June 30, with two tracks of class offerings. Each track has up to six classes from which to choose.

Fast Track qualifies for federal financial aid and veterans benefits.

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