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SCC Announces 2020 Student Awards

Each year Sandhills Community College recognizes students who have distinguished themselves in an area of study. Traditionally the awards are presented in ceremonies held near the end of the academic year. Because of the move to online classes in March and later the partial closing of campus, the events were not able to be held. Awards were still bestowed on the students nonetheless. The following is each award followed by the recipient.

Computer Engineering Technology Award (1st Yr): Kevin McCombs, Computer Engineering Technology Award (2nd Yr): Coltan Neubauer, The Caddell Family Computer Engineering Technology Award: Amanda McVerry, The Southern Software Computer Programming Award: Jonathan Brooks, Networking Technologies Award: Joshua Latham, Computer Programming Award: Mikias Eshetu, Digital Media Technology Award: Tammy Matthews, Digital Media/Program Support Award: Isela Rebellar.

The Charles “Chuck” Gilmer Priest, Jr. Memorial Culinary Award: Lorenzo Farfan, The Culinary Faculty Award: Courtney Leavell, The Melissa Wilkins Richardson Pastry and Baking Arts Award: Felicia Everts.

John G. O’Brien Engineering Technology Transfer Award: David Essick, Julie Wilkins Batchelor of Civil Engineering Award: Wesley Bergerson, The Gary Thompson Surveying Technology Award: Carson Witherspoon, The Reynold S. Davenport Civil Engineering Technology Award: Michael Andrew Crawford, The James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Mya Sencenbaugh, The James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Jesse Whitmore, The James M. and Helen C. Smith Memorial Award: Leonel Reyes Rebollar, The Timothy Howle Architectural Technology Award: Megan Robbins, and The Sustainable Research and Design Project Award: Cuong Nguyen.

The John and Grace Hoad Award: Martin Smith, The John and Grace Hoad Award: Angela Santos, The John Hatcher Foreign Language Award: Xiao Amanda, The L. Henry Pierre Delarue Award: Rachel Kelley, The C.A.L.M.S. Humanities Award: Luke Owen, The Thomas Andrew Coffey Spanish Award: Stephanie Slack, and Communication Faculty Award: Elizabeth Kemple.

The Frances Price Wilson Excellence in Music Award: Audrey Hanna, Patricia Robinson, Memorial Art Award: Elizabeth Kemple, and Music Faculty Award: Zachary Peshcken.

Medical Laboratory Award (1st Yr): Spencer Troutman, and Medical Laboratory Technology Graduating Student: Hope Davis.

Business Faculty Award: Travis Brewer, The John Collins Office Systems Technologies Faculty Award: Savanna Hartman, The Stanley J. Bradshaw Business Excellence Award: Jenrry Leon-Hernandez, Small Business Booster Award: Nader Alsaidi, Small Business Booster Award: Eliza Michelle Petrone, and Small Business Booster Award: Taylor McKoy.

Mathematic Award: Felix Hutchins, and Mathematic Improvement Award: Ahmed T. Al-Qaid.

Massage Therapy Award: Victoria Scroggins, and Outstanding Student – Degree Award: Laura Turner.

The Health & Fitness Science Faculty Award: Mark Landry, and The Outstanding Dedication/Going the Extra Mile Award: Michelle Durham.

Gordon and Dorothy Hill Memorial Award: Catherine Laura Rodriguez, Nola Arden Manning Memorial Early Childhood Education Award: Laura Frye, and Chaplain David Malcolm Criminal Justice Award: Amber Thompson.

Anatomy and Physiology (One Yr): Karen Coen, Anatomy and Physiology Award (2 Yrs): Kathleen Klemish, Avery Dennis General Chemistry Award: Miriam Miranda-Aguirre, College Physics Award: Benjamin Sykes, General Physics Award: Brittani McKann, General Biology Award: Aniya Bell, General Biology Award: Amanda Xiao, General Biology Award: Kelly Rhodes, and Jonathan Willis Malcolm Organic Chemistry Award: Kelly Rhodes.

Social & Sciences B-Squared Award: Hannah Canady, and Casilear Middleton Memorial Award: Matt Lawson.

Aviation Award: Jacob Parsons, John C. and Hanni Schulz Automotive Body Repair Award: Clayton Brewer, and John C. and Hanni Schulz Automotive Mechanics Award: Stephen Nelms.

The Floyd McDonald Diversity Award: Minisha Bullard, The Gus Leader Veteran Award: Alejandro Cuarenta, The Stanley J. Bradshaw Business Excellence Award: Jenry Leon-Hernandez, Zihal Super Student Award: Jullian O’Brien, Rose Anderson Library Award: Wynona Locklear, The R.P. Beasley Award: Luke Benjamin Owen, The Gilbert Morland Memorial Award: Jonathan Langford, and The Professional Women’s Network Award: Carla Sawyer.

The North Carolina Community College Academic Excellence Award was awarded to Matthew Pittman. Only one student from each of the 58 North Carolina community colleges receives the award each year. Students who have a 4.0 GPA and more than 50-hours completed toward their degree are reviewed and considered eligible for the award.

Summer and Fall Semesters

Summer semester curriculum (college credit) classes begin on May 27 and June 30. All classes will be online this summer. Fall semester begins on August 17. New students can apply online and an advisor will assist in registering for classes. Orientation will be held online. Current or returning students can register for classes using Self-Service.

Continuing Education classes begin on various dates. Classes leading to careers in manufacturing, construction, and public safety can be found on the Continuing Education section of the college’s website (

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