Sandhills Horicultural Society

The Sandhills Horticultural Society is a public membership, non profit organization that provides funds for development of the Gardens; acts as a volunteer organization supplying docents and various garden specialists; offers a variety of garden-related special events; and encourages individual, family, and lifetime memberships.

This organization provides an excellent opportunity for people to contribute to the growth of the Gardens through membership, donation, and volunteer programs. To become active in the continuing development of the Gardens, become a member of the Sandhills Horticultural Society. Non-member gifts are also appreciated.

Call (910) 695-3882

Membership Form

Benefits of Sandhills Horticultural Society membership includes:

  • Entertaining & educational seminars, workshops and events. (reduced cost for members).
  • Notice of Spring and fall plant sales (10% off purchases of $50 or more).
  • Quarterly horticultural newsletter: The Bloomin’ News.
  • Use of the Victor and Margaret Ball Garden Visitors Center for your garden-related events.
  • Horticultural trip opportunities with your family and fellow members.
  • Reciprocal admission to over 200 gardens in the USA and