Create a Scholarship

Ensuring Opportunity One Student at a Time

The gift of a scholarship is the ultimate expression of faith in the college, its mission, and most importantly, the future and potential of an individual student. Scholarships provide the resources to enable our students to succeed. They provide hope and opportunity to those who might have otherwise had none. A scholarship is an incentive to strive for excellence. It is also recognition of a job well done.

Scholarships at Sandhills can be a very personal and rewarding experience. Donors have wide latitude for designating criteria for scholarship recipients.  Criteria can include: merit (determined by GPA), financial need, area of study, where the student comes from, civic engagement/volunteerism, the student’s program of study (continuing education programs, a two-year career program, or a transfer program leading to a four-year institution upon graduation).

Scholarship gifts may be made annually or supported through the creation of an endowment. For more information about starting a scholarship at Sandhills Community College, please contact Jennifer Dail, Senior Director of Development and Scholarship Programs at (910) 695-3712 or email her at