Imminent Death of Serious Bodily Injury

If an incident of workplace violence escalates to a level that jeopardizes the life of an employee or student, faculty and/or staff should utilize the safest means available to notify the police and campus security.

  • Do not attempt to challenge the individual.
  • Immediately call the police by dialing 911 or 9-911. Remain calm and listen to the dispatchers instructions.
  • When possible, dial 0 to reach the switchboard operator. The caller should provide as much information as possible to ensure a quick and safe response.
  • The switchboard will alert campus security of the situation as soon as possible.
  • If engaged in dialogue with the individual attempt to calm the individual. If the situation escalates, disengage as soon as safely possible.
  • Upon exiting, secure yourself in an area removed from the situation and remain there until security advises otherwise.

At the discretion of campus security, it may be necessary to initiate the crisis management plan. Accordingly, the crisis management team will assemble and execute the crisis management plan.

When appropriate, the crisis management team will review the incident and evaluate the plan.