6.6.1 Application for Faculty & Staff Sabbatical

6.6.1 Application for Faculty & Staff Sabbatical

Revised: February 6, 2017; October 1, 2020

A faculty or staff member is eligible to apply for a sabbatical every seven years after seven full years of employment. Faculty and staff members may apply using the Sabbatical Leave Application form that is emailed to SCC All Users in January and is posted on our webpage. Faculty and staff members must submit the request for sabbatical leave to their department chair or director by the deadline stated on the application in the academic year preceding the proposed sabbatical leave. The department chair or director will forward the request, along with a recommendation, to the Dean of Instruction (faculty), the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Vice President of Student Services, the Vice President of Continuing Education and Workforce Training, the Vice President for College Initiatives, or the Executive Vice President.

Faculty and staff members must submit a detailed sabbatical proposal which includes the following: the general purpose and nature of the sabbatical leave; the location(s) at which the leave will be taken; written statements from any collaborators, confirming the expected nature and duration of the collaboration; an outline of anticipated sabbatical-related expenses and financial compensation; an outline of the activities to be pursued, including a rationale for using a sabbatical leave to pursue these activities; and a statement of anticipated outcomes, including all evidence that the sabbatical leave will increase individual effectiveness or produce academically or socially useful results.

Faculty or staff members may receive outside compensation from a grant, contract, or any income-producing activity while on sabbatical, consistent with the following provisions:

  • The compensated activity must not conflict with the purpose of the sabbatical leave.
  • The expected compensation must be disclosed in advance through the sabbatical application process.

Faculty department chairs should work with their dean to arrange for suitable part-time teaching assistance, if this is required during the period of the sabbatical leave.

Sabbatical Leave Responsibilities
Faculty and staff members have an obligation to return to the College for at least one full year of further service following a sabbatical leave. If the faculty or staff member does not fulfill this service obligation following a sabbatical leave, the member may be liable for sabbatical leave salary and the costs of associated benefits.

Faculty and staff members must present receipts in order to be reimbursed for sabbatical-related expenses. Reimbursement requests with receipts must be submitted within thirty days of completion of sabbatical leave.

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