Owens Auditorium Audio & Video Equipment

Owens Auditorium has a very well equipped control booth for both monitoring and recording the events on stage.  The audio system consists of very high quality components in order to not only give top notch recording capability but to provide a concert sound performance for the audience as well.

The components that comprise this system are as follows:

  • (1)    Venice 320 – 32 Channel mixing console with full equalization control.
  • (4)    Shure ULX – Wireless microphone combo units.
  • (1)    Sabine Navigator NAV4800 System control unit for sound & feedback stabilization.
  • (1)    Roland SRV-330 Dimensional reverb processor with surround effects.
  • (2)    Electro-voice CPS 2.8 Direct drive amplifiers.
  • (1)    Electro-voice CPS 2.6 Direct drive amplifier.
  • (1)    Tascam CD-A500  Compact disc with iPod dock.
  • (6)    Electro-voice FRIL 52/64 PA Speakers.
  • (4)    Electro-voice SX100+E Monitor speakers for the stage.
  • (1)    Williams PRA-35D Transmitter for the hearing impaired with (8) receivers.

In the quest for making stage performances as well as college functions more enjoyable for our staff, faculty, students and patrons, the audio system was not the only consideration. Not only are we serious about the sound in our auditorium but we have also installed a first rate video system as well. There are four PTZ cameras. Two fixed mounted and two tri-pod mounted. With the combination of the two, it is possible to get virtually any angle or any shot needed for the performance. We can also enhance any function by projecting live video feeds, DVD video, power point presentations etc. onto two 12’ x 16’ screens on either side of the stage. There is also one 16’ x 20’ screen located center stage on the fly system.

The components that comprise the video system are as follows:

  • (3)    Dalite motorized screens.  (1)   16’ x 20’ and (2)   12’ x 16’
  • (3)    Hitachi CPX-1250 Data Projectors.  4500 lumens with shifting lenses.
  • (4)    Sony BR300 Pan/tilt/zoom fully automatic cameras.
  • (1)    Sony RM-BR300 Joystick camera control console.
  • (1)    Data Video  SE-800 Video switching control console with special effects processing.
  • (3)    Kramer VP-7250S  Video scaler processors with 18 inputs each.
  • (4)    Data Video LCD Preview monitors. One for each camera.
  • (1)    JVC  SR-DVM700  DV/HDD/DVD  Recorder with dubbing capability.
  • (1)    Panasonic  DMR-T6070  HDD/DVD  Recorder.
  • (1)    22”  LCD Monitor for viewing and monitoring all the functions of the entire video system.
  • Lighting components – ETC Element Lighting Console.

Of course with all of these components being operated in the control booth,  there are requirements for the use of this equipment. If use of the primary sound and lighting or video system is desired, an approved operator is required to utilize the primary systems.