Mission Statement

The mission of Sandhills Community College is to provide educational programs of the highest quality to all the people of Sandhills.

This mission is achieved by the accomplishment of the following goals:

  1. To educate and qualify students for careers in technical fields and to assist them in securing employment in those fields;
  2. To prepare students to transfer to baccalaureate institutions and to excel in their baccalaureate studies;
  3. To provide challenging learning opportunities – developmental studies, basic skills, English as a second language, and high school equivalency – that prepare students for employment and/or for collegiate studies;
  4. To provide the training needed to help recruit businesses to our community and to drive entrepreneurial growth; to promote workplace learning; and to enable local businesses to become more productive;
  5. To provide opportunities for cultural enrichment and life-long learning for the people of the Sandhills, with a special effort to meet the needs of our retired population;
  6. To foster an atmosphere of friendliness, civility, and respect and to provide support programs that promote student learning and success in traditional and nontraditional education settings;
  7. To hire faculty and staff of the highest quality and who reflect our diverse community, to treat them with integrity and respect, to pay them well, and to provide ample opportunities for their professional development;
  8. To ensure that the college raises the funds necessary to advance the excellence of its programs; that the institution is run efficiently; that modern technology is employed effectively in all facets of the colleges operations; and that the campus is clean, safe, and beautiful;
  9. To create and market educational programs, including programs delivered via distance learning, that excite and meet the needs of all segments of our service area;
  10. To monitor program or service performance in each of the above areas and to use the data gathered to improve the colleges effectiveness.