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We want you completely informed about the program of study you may be considering or in which you are enrolled. The Programs and Majors section of our site contains all we offer in our curriculum area of the College. We have attempted to include everything we possibly can to help you make a wise decision when choosing a path of study. For each program, you will find descriptors of each program, unique aspects of the program, program sheets for the year you enter the program, course requirements, contact information, even photo albums, videos and facebook pages if the department has such. On pages 111-220 of our catalog we also describe our educational and training programs.

We offer two types of programs. They are college credit programs and non-credit continuing education programs. Pages 30-32 of our catalog also describe our educational and training programs.


Campus Maps
Virtual Tour

On pages 4 and 5 of our catalog, we have a campus map and a list of our facilities relating to each academic program.


Contact information for all college personnel can be found in our directory.

Pages 393-412 of our catalog also list all College personnel along with credentials.

An annual quality improvement plan is produced by each instructional division and made available to the public upon request by contacting the Dean of Planning and Research at (910) 695-3907 or‚