Learning Resource Computer Lab Acceptable Use Policy

Information Technology Resources
Acceptable Use Policy
A Summary of the College’s Acceptable Use Policy

The full policy follows this summary statement. Users are expected to read both the summary and the full policy carefully. Failure to abide by this agreement may lead to disciplinary action, including loss of computer privileges, dismissal from the college, and/or criminal prosecution. We are pleased to be able to provide information technology resources at Sandhills Community College. We hope that you find these resources helpful as you pursue your studies, and we are happy that we are able to provide computers, site-licensed software, and Internet access to make these studies both comprehensive and enjoyable. We ask that you read the following policy statements and abide by them so you and other users are assured of fair and equitable access.

User Responsibilities: Information technology resources are provided for educational use. Use of these resources is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities. The college expects and requires ethical, legal, and responsible behavior of individuals using these resources. Disciplinary action will result from unauthorized, inappropriate, or illegal use of hardware, software, or Internet access. As a user, you should not:

  • access another user’s files without permission;
  • access files by using false usernames, accounts, or passwords;
  • remove any college hardware, software, or data without permission;
  • copy or attempt to copy any software or data without authorization;
  • load, download, or upload any software or file without authorization;
  • distribute unauthorized software;
  • modify system configurations or hardware without authorization;
  • disrupt or attempt to disrupt system operations;
  • participate in unauthorized and time-consuming game-playing;
  • harass another user or violate another user’s rights;
  • access pornography or other offensive or inappropriate material;
  • use college computer systems and/or software for personal work;
  • use college computer systems, networks, and/or software for any illegal activity;
  • connect any equipment not owned and/or authorized by the Network Administrator to the campus network except in specifically identified public access areas.