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How to access Boyd Library Electronic Resources

Students, Faculty, and Staff must have a SCC log in to access our electronic resources. Our resources include all NCLIVE resources as well as some subscribed to by the Boyd Library. 

You must have a Sandhills log in in order to access these resources. Click the link to set up or fix your SCC log in information.

If you do not have an SCC login, please contact us and we will provide instructions.


Click this link to access
Introduction to the Boyd Library


Quick Instructions to search for articles

  1. From the “Find articles and more” page, Click on “Introduction to the Boyd Library”
  2. To search for articles, click on the “Find Articles” tab.
  3. Type your “search terms” in the box and click the “search” button
  4. Another tab will open in your browser with a list of your search results.
  5. Below the search box, there are short instructions on searching with “tips” as well.
  6. Each tab in the guide covers different resources.